Are You Left Handed or Right Handed?

There is a day to celebrate most anything and this week one of those days happens to be handwriting day. What hand do you write with? I am actually a right handed person. My sister, VaLenia is a left handed person. Our mother writes with her right hand and our daddy wrote with both. He actually wrote really well with both hands. If I write with my opposite hand, you may never figure out what it says. Everyone writes so different. Some write better in cursive while others write better in print. There is also a writing type known as a doctor’s handwriting. Now I do ok reading a doctors handwriting because I have been doing it for years but I will never forget trying to read Dr. Dixon’s handwriting when I began in the medical field in 1996. He was a Psychiatrist in Albany that I absolutely loved working for and learning from but his writing was hard to read from time to time. This past Christmas, I was the unknown Elfie at my work place, Lee County Health and Rehab. I dropped off goodies and cards. I had to sign the card everyday in a different handwriting and that gave me an appreciation for different hand writing. It brought many days of laughter though watching my co-workers try to read the cards. In today’s time, our children don’t write near as much as we did while growing up which may be a handicap to them. They have so many types of technology that allows them to type it instead of write it. This also handicaps them with spelling. The types of technology the children have today allows them to start typing the word and they can click on the one they want so misspelling never really happens. But what will happen when they have to actually write out something whether it will be in school or in everyday life as an adult? Will they write legible? Will they spell correctly? Writing will matter to all of us. Think about your writing skills the next time you write out something. So which way do you write better?

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