Alchemy Games and Coffee Shoppe Set to Open in the Upcoming Weeks

A new place is coming to town! It’s a different type of business, one that maybe Sylvester has not seen before but for gamers and geeks, they will love it! Alchemy Games and Coffee, formerly Xion: Paradise for Geeks in Albany is coming to Downtown Sylvester on Front Street. It is a place for like-minded geeks to come together and connect while enjoying a unique friendly atmosphere. Alchemy is a hub for all things geek, gamer, anime, and nerd core. They are also a gathering place for everyone in the geek, gamer, and otaku community. Alchemy’s mission is to provide Southwest Georgia with a premier geek friendly environment and be a centralized hub for all things such as Trading Card Games, Video Game Tournaments, Table Top Games, Meet ups, Special events, Retro Games, Parties, and so more. I stopped by the store recently to meet up with the owner and take a sneak peak as to what is coming. Tim Haire is the excited owner of Alchemy. He is full of energy and knowledge of the gamer world. I have absolutely NO clue about the gamer world but had so much fun getting to talk to him and I asked many questions.. Imagine that! Alchemy is located in the old “One of a Kind” building on Front Street. Tim explained to me that is truly is a geek and gamer store with a coffee shop added. His plans were to put the gamer area to the left when you come into the store. Slightly to the right when you come in the store is items that you can shop around and purchase. Then to the far right will be the coffee shop. Tim described the coffee shop to be Japanese style. They will offer several types of coffee, sodas and more. The store will be opened Monday – Thursday, 6am-10pm, Friday and Saturday, 6am – midnight and Sunday from 1pm until around 6pm. I was amazed at the different things Tim was doing inside the building. Of course he recognizes the history of the people and knows how historic it is so to see some of the things he is doing is touching. For the menu board, he used an old door. I can’t wait for everyone to see it! He showed us the old elevator. Now I was blown away by that. I did not realize how old elevators looked. I would love to see it working again. Tim is shooting to open by the end of January or early February. Please like their Facebook page and make plans to visit them as soon as they open.