Helping Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation by Donating Glasses

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation receives donations of used prescription eyeglasses, over the counter readers and sunglasses. Lighthouse volunteers wash, read, label and pack the donated glasses to get them ready to go overseas. Church groups, medical missions and other volunteer groups contact the Lighthouse throughout the year to get glasses for their relief and mission trips. The Lighthouse provides over 100,000 pairs of glasses for oversees use every year. The following are stories of the people the Lighthouse Foundation helps through eyeglass recycling. The people of Prislop, Romania have limited access to healthcare and no vision care. In rural Romania, they are far from most amenities that we take for granted here in the US. The best they can do is to rely on the goodwill of others – people to donate glasses here in the US and mission/relief trips to deliver the glasses. Most of the people trying on glasses would hold a book and try to read it. If the glasses didn’t help, they would put on another pair. This process was repeated over and over again by each person until everyone found a pair that helped them to see clearly. But one woman wasn’t holding a book; she was holding a syringe and pointing it at her arm. She was a diabetic and was testing to see which glasses would help her see the correct medication amount and the veins to inject herself. Without these glasses she may have had other medical difficulties because she was unable to see her syringe. Lion Cecil Davis took a trip to Jinja, Uganda with a small group of people from the Faithful Servants Missionary Team in Carrolton, GA. He had never been on a mission trip before and learned a lot about the continent of Africa and the country of Uganda. Before the trip he had taken a class on how to use a FOCOMETER®, a device that measures nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The group had an interpreter to help when screening the patients and they were able to help 425 people in a ten day period! Since his trip, Cecil has received additional training on how to use the device and is planning to take another trip to South Africa. Recently a church group, led by a member of a local Lions Club from North Georgia, took 500 pairs of donated glasses to Honduras. Many of the women there sew for a living and without glasses they are unable to work. The women were thrilled, after trying on glasses, to be able to see to thread a needle. That meant they could work again! They would be able to earn a living and help to provide for themselves and their families. Collecting glasses is an easy thing we can do to help. Please help by donating glasses to The Martin News as my son collects glasses to give the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to help others. You can email me and I will be glad to get the glasses. My email is Thank you to everyone for your help!