Games of all Sorts

When you were growing up, what games did you like to play? I have always loved playing games. Not only board games, but I liked all sorts of games. December 20th is a day that is recognized for games known as Games Day. Games Day is a yearly run gaming convention sponsored by Games Workshop. It was started in 1975, after another game convention scheduled for August that year cancelled. Games Workshop decided to fill the resulting gap by running a gaming day of their own according to the game day website. As a result, after some delays, the first Games Day was held at Seymour Hall, London on December 20, 1975. The convention was important because there were few outlets for gamers to meet each other and play, and Games Workshop used this in their efforts to build the gaming scene in the U.K. Following this successful start, and encouraged by mainstream media coverage, the second Games Day was held at a different venue, Chelsea Town Hall, London, on February 12, 1977. The event was somewhat delayed, owing to the logistics of running a rapidly expanding business. It followed rapidly by a separate “D&D Day” at Fulham Town Hall on March 12, this being their core funding stream at that time. Today the Games Day convention is held regularly in the United Kingdom at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. It draws enthusiasts of Games Workshop’s three main games (Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer, and Lord of the Rings). Not just a commercial venture, gamers go to play their games and attend presentations by special guests from the Games Workshop’s head office in Nottingham. Alongside the gaming is a dealer’s area which commonly includes products from Citadel Miniatures, particularly, armies for all the game systems scheduled for release. Another attraction is the Golden Demon, a painting competition of miniatures. There is also a competition of varying degrees of seriousness, the Scrap Demon competition, in which competitors create models from plastic sprues. Game day is taken very serious by some people. I am just a simple game day person. I use to love to play monopoly but it is a long game. As a child, I played pick-up sticks, UNO, old maid and go fish. As I grew older, my daddy us how to play a family game called Progressive Rummy. This game was known throughout my family. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and grandparents could play this card game. If you were a friend of the family and you came around much, you learned the game too. It is so amazing for me now because I have taught my child how to play in hopes he will pass it down too. I am sure other families play Progressive Rummy however it is not heard of much. During this holiday season, take a night out and have game night with your family. Whether it is a board game or a card game, you all will have a blast. Happy gaming!