Saying Goodbye To An Angel

A Worth County High School Senior whose life touched many, tragically passed away on Thanksgiving Day. 18 year old Ebony Clark was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2013 where doctors gave her six months to live. Now, Ebony is remembered by her friends and loved ones as a fighter who loved life. At Clark’s funeral service, her loved ones celebrated her for the beautiful person she was. Assistant Pastor Webbie Hill at Jesus Christ Tabernacle of Deliverance says Ebony was active in the church. He says she was always the first person to volunteer if the church needed something. “To talk about her as a person, I can’t do nothing but smile because that’s all she ever did. Even when she was going through pain and suffering, you would never know it because God kept a smile on her face.” Clark had been battling brain cancer since she was 14 years old although, her friends and family say you would never know it. Her classmate, Keyondria White says that Clark was a friend to everyone. “When she came to our school she acted as if she was just normal as we were. She laughed a lot, she liked to just have fun. She really impacted a lot of us at her school,” said White. Despite missing many classes because of her diagnosis, Clark made it her mission to graduate from high school. “She was able to graduate and get her diploma. And that was one of the goals that she was hoping for. She didn’t hope for, you didn’t hardly ever hear her saying I want to grow up and be this person, she just wanted her diploma,” said Hill. Although her loved ones had mixed emotions when they heard of her passing everyone agrees, she’s in a better place now. “I’ve never heard her raise her voice, she had this little sweet voice. Sounded like a little angel. And I know right now that’s what she’s doing, she’s getting her wings, amen,” said Hill. Monday would have been Ebony’s 19th birthday. The Martin News was honored to be able to attend her graduation ceremony at Worth County High School. That is a day, a moment, I will always treasure.

Source: WFXL News and The Martin News