~ Dates to Remember ~


4th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
5th ~ Books & Bubbles at The Margaret Jones Public Library
5th ~ Season of Celebration WCPS Chorus Concert & PTO Meeting
6th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
6th ~ School wide Writing Prompt—WCMS
7th ~ Sylvester Christmas Parade
7th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
8th ~ Reading Inventory – WCMS
9th ~ Poulan Christmas Parade
11th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
11th ~ Math Inventory – WCMS
11th ~ Hunter Safety Courses at The Margaret Jones Public Library
12th ~ Hunter Safety Courses at The Margaret Jones Public Library
12th ~ Books & Bubbles at The Margaret Jones Public Library
12th ~ Choral Concert at Unity – Worth Schools
13th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
13th ~ Free Legal Help at The Margaret Jones Public Library
14th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
18th ~ City of Sylvester Council Meeting
18th ~ Band Concert at WCMS
19th ~ City of Warwick Council Meeting
19th ~ Good Behavior Break at WCMS
19th ~ Books & Bubbles at The Margaret Jones Public Library
20th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
25th ~ Merry Christmas from The Martin News
26th ~ Sylvester – Worth County Family Connections Meeting
26th ~ Disaster Relief Support Group at The Margaret Jones public Library
27th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester

Do you have an event that needs announced?
Please email your questions or event listings to info@themartinnews.com
and we will get them listed on the calendar.
Thank you for your support to The Martin News.

Say No To Pinkeye

Recently I have had a severe case of pinkeye. I do not ever remember having it like this, if I have ever had this at all. I am still having issues and want to help anyone and everyone to prevent this. Pinkeye is spread through contact with the eye drainage, which contains the virus or bacteria that caused the pinkeye. Touching an infected eye leaves drainage on your hand. If you touch your other eye or an object when you have drainage on your hand, the virus or bacteria can be spread. The following tips help prevent the spread of pinkeye. Wash your hands before and after: Touching the eyes or face and using medicine in the eyes. Do not share eye makeup. Do not use eye makeup until the infection is fully cured, because you could re-infect yourself with the eye makeup products. If your eye infection was caused by bacteria or a virus, throw away your old makeup and buy new products. Do not share contact lens equipment, containers, or solutions. Do not wear contact lenses until the infection is cured. Thoroughly clean your contacts before wearing them again. Do not share eye medicine. Do not share towels, linens, pillows, or handkerchiefs. Use clean linens, towels, and washcloths daily. Wash your hands and wear gloves if you are looking into someone else’s eye for a foreign object or helping someone else apply an eye medicine. When in the wind, heat, or cold, wear eye protection to prevent eye irritation. Wear safety glasses when working with chemicals. If you believe that you are coming down with pinkeye, please call your doctor and get seen. You do not want this to go on without treatment.

One to Keep, One To Eat

I can’t help but smile real big when I look at these pictures! It shows a young girl hard at work volunteering in the garden but also shows her having to take a break and enjoy the crops too! Who can blame her? Not me! When you work so hard to grow your garden and you see what hard work and the Good Lord above can produce, it makes you want to just have a small taste. Janya has been hard at work in the gardens getting the winter crops ready.

Janya enjoys volunteering in her community and being a part of the events. She encourages you to join us all at the Sylvester Christmas Parade this coming Thursday night. It will be fun for all ages. Everyone is excited to see Santa and enjoy all the Christmas lights and music!

Janya along with The Martin News, Men United, Inc and The Sylvester – Worth County Family Connections is collecting coats for the less fortunate this winter season. If you have a new or slightly used coat or jacket that you would like to donate, please email us at info@themartinnews.com and we will be happy to pick them up. Janya appreciates everyone’s help.

Thank you all for your support to the community and for supporting The Martin News, Janya’s Journey.

Cookies…. We ALL love Cookies

I’m telling you what… I love the idea of all these fun days to celebrate! There is a National Cookie Day which is celebrated on December 4th. I was thinking what a great day to eat some cookies and not even think about the calories. 🙂 It is even a good day to bake some cookies and share with your friends. I have heard of a cookie exchange. That sounds like a load of fun! So tell all of your friends about this and everybody start cooking those cookies. You will never know what kind of cookies your friends will bring but it will be a yummy day. Another great thing we could all do is bake cookies and take them to our fire fighters and police officers and anywhere else you think of. People sure do appreciate being thought of and eating cookies!