Oh To Be Little Again

Is this just not precious? This little girl is enjoying her day at the Margaret Jones Public Library on the rug stretched out reading. Not a care in the world does she have! Today more than ever we teach our children to read and we encourage them to read more and more everyday. The library is a great place to enjoy time with your children and teach them to read as well. If your child does not have a library card, the library staff at The Margaret Jones Public Library would be glad to help them. Also please follow the library on their Facebook page which will allow you to see all the upcoming events and pictures that are posted. With the upcoming holidays, the library staff will have great events planned to keep your children active through the holidays. They also have programs during the week as well. Thank you Margaret Jones Public Library for all you do for our community.

Caulin Enjoys Story Time

Look who is enjoying reading time? I am not sure who is having more fun, the girls or Caulin? Caulin loves to be read to while these girls are practicing their reading skills. Did you know that a reluctant reader plus a loving animal can be a powerful combination for reading practice? Reading to a dog, or any pet, gives children a safe environment to practice their reading, make mistakes, and grow as a reader. Plus, it’s way cooler than reading to mom and dad every night, right? For struggling readers, who need to practice reading to build their reading confidence and fluency, the feeling of safety with an animal allows for uninhibited reading risk and practice. Reading to pets removes the mental block that occurs and increases the chance for learning to happen. And let’s be honest, it’s always fun to spend time with our pets.

Danny Hancock Talks on Fire Safety

Recently, Danny Hancock with The Albany Fire Department visited Mrs. Rucker and Mrs. Worthy’s class at Worth County Primary School to talk to them about fire safety. He talked with the students about having an escape plan, fire detectors, and about what to do if there is a fire in your house. He even put on his equipment and taught them about the importance of his suit! Do you have an escape plan for your family in case of a fire? Have you gone over it with everyone in the house so they all know what to do in case of an emergency? It is always best to have a plan and never need it then to need it and never have one. Do you have fire detectors in your home? Do they work? It’s always a good plan to change the batteries when the time changes twice a year to have a schedule for them. We always check ours once a month just for a monthly routine. If you have any questions about your escape plan, how to teach your children or even about fire detectors, please check with your local fire department. They are always willing to help.

Source: WCSD Facebook Page & The Martin News

WCHS Media Center Focused At Conference

The GaDOE Drive-In Conferences are specifically designed to provide educators with the opportunity to learn more about instructional technology and media as well as connect with people from other districts.  The one day conference was held October 19th in Thomasville.  WCHS Media Center was highlighted in one of the break-out sessions.  Katie Hill, WCHS Media Specialist was invited to share the updates and changes made to the WCHS Media Center transitioning it into a 21st-Century library.  Libraries across the nation are reinventing themselves as information is no longer confined to printed material.  WCHS Media Center, with the imagination of Mrs. Hill, has become a space for connecting learners and constructing knowledge.  The WCHS Media Center has a welcoming environment that students can find information, both printed and digital, and collaborate, create, and explore.  With circulation growing from approximately 200 students in September 2014 to 1300 students in August 2017, Mrs. Hill’s efforts are paying off.  Mrs. Hill is looking forward to transitioning into the new high school media center and will continue to work to make WCHS Media Center the “hub” of the school with students being the focus of her efforts. 

Source: WCSD Web Page

Newton Selected as MaxPreps/NFCA National High School Player of the Week

Senior Caroline Newton of Worth County (Sylvester, Ga.) High School was selected MaxPreps/NFCA National High School Player of the Week for games played the week of Oct. 16-22. Newton played a key role in Worth County advancing the Georgia High School Elite Eight with a doubleheader sweep of Peach County in the Class 3A state playoffs. She went 5-for-8 at the plate with two homers, five RBI and five runs scored, while tossing a complete game shutout in a 6-0 game-one win. In the opener, Newton scattered three hits, struck out 17 and walked one, while going 3-for-4 with a long ball, two RBI and three runs scored. She continued to produce offensively in a 14-0 game-two victory, connecting on her second home run of the day, knocking in three runs and scoring twice. MaxPreps.com, the official high school statistical provider of the NFCA, provides all statistics for the NFCA High School Player of the Week award. To nominate a player for the award, the coach must enter his or her athlete’s game stats into MaxPreps.com by Sunday evening to be eligible for that week’s award. MaxPreps.com, the official high school statistical provider of the NFCA, provides all statistics for the NFCA High School Player of the Week award. To nominate a player for the award, the coach must enter his or her athlete’s game stats into MaxPreps.com by Sunday evening to be eligible for that week’s award. The MaxPreps/NFCA High School Players of the Week are announced on NFCA.org every Monday during the fall season with one representative chosen from the participating regions. During the spring campaign, a player from each of five separate high school regions is selected. MaxPreps is a free stat tool that is available to high school coaches across the country and is one of the most recognized and respected high school athletics websites on the internet. Coaches who enter their team’s stats on Max Preps will not only be nominating their players for this award, but they will be getting their team’s information out to thousands of high school sports fans, as well as college coaches across the country.
Article by MaxPreps

Exercise Your Right To Vote

If you are one of those people that don’t vote because you think you are just one person and that your one vote won’t make a difference, think again. One voice, one vote really does count. There is power in numbers! You can truly make a difference if you vote and encourage your friends and family to vote. Your vote is your voice. It allows you to tell elected officials how you feel about important issues such as education and health care. If you don’t vote you are giving someone else the power to make choices for you, and even for your children. Because our children can’t vote, we must vote. That’s how we make our concerns about important issues heard. When we vote, we are looking out for our kids, and their futures. Voting is your chance to make a difference. Let your voice be heard!