I Still Celebrate Christmas With My Daddy!

It is about the time to start decorating Christmas Trees. I mentioned before that I would tell about the different trees that I have put up before and the different themes I had. My favorite tree was my “Daddy Tree”. I absolutely loved it. Daddy passed away eight years ago this year. The first Christmas without him was so sad. I missed him so very much and it just didn’t seem right without him. Even though I still had my other family and my son, the main piece to the puzzle was missing. So the next Christmas, I decided to put some of his things to great use. I took a Christmas tree and set it in the corner. I put some white lights on it and started the decorating. For the tree skirt, I used daddy’s flannel shirt. It was like I could still smell him on it. For the topper, I used his ole straw hat. As daddy got older, he wore a straw hat when he was outside. It was worn around the edges, but that was ok with me. For the decorations, I used everything I could get on the tree. I used his bottle of “Old Spice” cologne, his old farmer’s almanac book, several small play guitars, a stuffed animal that was a Dale Earnhardt, Sr. bear, and the list could go on and on. As I hung each item, I would tell Larry a story behind it. He loved hearing about his Papa. It made it like daddy was there. When the tree was complete, I stepped back and realized I would never spend another Christmas without daddy again! I was complete!! When people would come to visit, the tree was a conversation piece for sure. It was so much fun to tell what items meant and how they were used in daddy’s life. Missing people can be hard every day. We know they are with us in spirit all the time but there is something about holidays that you wish you could hug them, talk to them, smell them and touch them. It sounds weird but it is real my friends! You never replace them but you sure can fill a small piece of their absence by bringing their stuff back to life.