Cookie Cutters Every Where!

If you are ever looking for something to celebrate for fun, look on the internet! They have holidays galore that they celebrate and one this week is Cookie Cutter Week. How cool does that sound? I love cookie cutters. Let me tell you about a Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree I did one year and about one year is all it took for me. HA! I am not even sure how the idea came up but we always had themed trees in our house. My friend did too. Now she puts up way more trees than I do. Unless she has gotten rid of the cookie cutters over the last year or two, she still puts it up. I loved my cookie cutter tree and disliked it all at the same time. 🙂 I am very OCD and like things neat and in order. When you have hundreds of cookie cutters in every color and size, there is NO order to that! Let me tell you though how we did it. I started collecting the cookie cutters and my mother and friend would buy me some for every occasion and then some no occasion gifts. I would put them up and when Christmas tree decorating time arrived, bam there they were…. Piles and piles of them! I had every holiday kind and every kind in between. I did love my tree but my OCDness wouldn’t let me stop trying to fix it, so I passed it on to my friend. Now she had two smaller trees with them on it and they looked adorable so the morale to the story is I should’ve used smaller trees… 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Martin News.