Christmas Cards No More

Have you ever thought about sending a Christmas card to your family and friends or do you just send a Christmas text? I know a few just laughed when they read that but I am being very serious. When I was a teenager, being the youngest grandchild and a granddaughter at that, I took up much time with my grandmother. After Thanksgiving lunch every year that I can remember after becoming a teenager, I would help her fix her Christmas cards. She had them ready to mail out on December 1st or around there. She had her address book that we went through looking at who she needed to send a card to and she looked through the address labels of those that sent to her the year before, yes she kept them ALL! She enjoyed sending as much as she enjoyed receiving Christmas cards. She put a special message in each card. I think back on those times and it brings such great joy to me knowing that time with her was so precious to us both. I sure miss fixing those cards for her. She kept EVERY one of her cards from year to year to glance back over. Have you mailed your cards today?