Cookie Cutters Every Where!

If you are ever looking for something to celebrate for fun, look on the internet! They have holidays galore that they celebrate and one this week is Cookie Cutter Week. How cool does that sound? I love cookie cutters. Let me tell you about a Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree I did one year and about one year is all it took for me. HA! I am not even sure how the idea came up but we always had themed trees in our house. My friend did too. Now she puts up way more trees than I do. Unless she has gotten rid of the cookie cutters over the last year or two, she still puts it up. I loved my cookie cutter tree and disliked it all at the same time. 🙂 I am very OCD and like things neat and in order. When you have hundreds of cookie cutters in every color and size, there is NO order to that! Let me tell you though how we did it. I started collecting the cookie cutters and my mother and friend would buy me some for every occasion and then some no occasion gifts. I would put them up and when Christmas tree decorating time arrived, bam there they were…. Piles and piles of them! I had every holiday kind and every kind in between. I did love my tree but my OCDness wouldn’t let me stop trying to fix it, so I passed it on to my friend. Now she had two smaller trees with them on it and they looked adorable so the morale to the story is I should’ve used smaller trees… 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Martin News.

Driver Safety is for All Ages

It is a fact of life that people grow older everyday. With increasing age come changes in physical, mental and sensory abilities that can challenge a person’s continued ability to drive safely. But there are a variety of safe travel options for people of all ages. The real need is a broader awareness of the solutions, rather than a narrow focus on the problem. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) believes that occupational therapy practitioners have the skills to evaluate a person’s overall ability to operate a vehicle safely and provide rehabilitation, if necessary. Many are specially trained in the full scope of driving rehabilitation. Occupational therapy practitioners work with older adults as well as their families and caregivers, offering individualized assessment. They can identify individuals’ unique challenges and find strategies that will help them live life to its fullest by keeping them active, healthy, and safe in their communities. AOTA’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, December 4–8, 2017, aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation to ensuring older adults remain active in the community with such things as shopping, working or even volunteering, with the confidence that transportation will not be the barrier to strand them at home. The Martin News wishes everyone a great and wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and watch all the drivers around you. Merry Christmas and safe travels from The Martin News.

Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

This time of year is so much fun to me. I love the Spirit that the Holidays bring. I love all the Christmas lights to see and love hearing all the Christmas Carol’s. Another thing I enjoy doing is watching the Christmas programs with events that we cannot actually attend. One of them is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. The 2017 tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, November 29th with live performances from 7-9pm at Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The ceremony is free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Tens of thousands will crowd the sidewalks for the event and hundreds of millions will watch the live broadcast around the globe. The tree will remain lit and open to the public until 9pm on January 7, 2018. I will be one of the hundreds of millions watching on television. I have watched it several times over the years but after Larry was born, I have made it an annual tradition with him. We love the singing and of course the lighting of the Christmas tree. One thing I didn’t know but I think is a great thing is for the eleventh consecutive year, the Christmas Tree will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Once the holidays have passed and crowds have dispersed, the tree comes down and is milled, treated and made into lumber that is used for home building. Each year, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree continues to be a symbol of hope, and inspired the children’s book, “The Carpenter’s Gift”, written by David Rubel and illustrated by Jim LaMarche in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. This information and more on this story is on For over eight decades, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and the holiday decorations adorning and surrounding have stood as a holiday beacon for New Yorkers and visitors alike. From the beginning, the Tree was a gathering place and reflection of what was happening in the world around it. Even before the first formal tree went up, workers lined up beneath a Christmas tree on the Rockefeller Plaza construction site to collect their paychecks during the height of the Great Depression. People from around the world came after September 11th to see the Tree decorated in a patriotic red, white and blue. Today, more than half a million people pass by the Tree very day, making Rockefeller Center the epicenter of New York City’s holiday celebrations. It is on my bucket list to go there one day and just may happen.

Sunbelt Ford Gives Back to Their Community

Tuesday, Sunbelt Ford distributed over $4500 to our Community Non-Profits to give back to our Community. Mr. Darien Smith and Staff were proud to present checks to the Best Friends Humane Society, Worth County Band Boosters, Mary Alice Shipp Community Center, Worth County Football Boosters, and Worth County Rams Baseball Boosters. The Sylvester-Worth County Chamber is proud to help facilitate the Drive4UR Community event each year. Sunbelt made a concentrated effort over 7 years ago to participate in two very noteworthy events that Ford has to offer communities, Drive One 4UR School and Drive 4UR Community. When you see these events advertised please take a moment of your time to participate. For each car driven, the organization you drive for makes $20.00 – up to $6,000.00 per event. Darien Smith, General Manager of Sunbelt Ford in Sylvester stated that Sunbelt Ford is proud the two events have raised over $72,000.00 for Worth County over the past 7 years. The Sylvester – Worth County Chamber would like to thank Sunbelt Ford for giving our Community Non Profits and Schools the opportunity to participate in these events and thank them for their time and efforts to help raise the much-appreciated funds for their community.

Kerry Helms, 2017 Tree Lighter, Phoebe Worth Medical Center

Tree Lighting Ceremony – Phoebe Worth Medical Center – Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Kerry Helms has always worked with his hands. In 1977, he and his father started Helms Welding & Machine in Sylvester. “I love building stuff, taking a drawing or picture and building something out of it,” Kerry said. Unfortunately, the difficult treatment from a terrifying cancer diagnosis forced him to retire. “On October 14, 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal and metastatic liver cancer. My whole world was turned upside down,” Kerry said. “I asked Dr. Mendenhall if I could beat it, what are my chances? He said 5 percent.” Thanks to the team at the Phoebe Cancer Center, Kerry is beating those odds. “I love every one of them. They’ve been nothing but great to me. The most compassionate people I’ve met in my life,” he said. Because his diagnosis was so serious, Kerry’s doctors gave him the opportunity to consult with physicians at some of the top cancer centers in the country. Instead, he chose to start his treatment immediately in Albany. “Phoebe has got the best cancer center anywhere around, as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “It’s been a godsend just being local and not having to travel to Atlanta.” Kerry’s journey has been tough. After getting great results from his cancer treatment, he developed a rare kind of pneumonia. “I was in ICU, and I quit breathing. Luckily, the doctors were right there and they got me back breathing,” Kerry said. He spent more than two months in the hospital and another 30 days in rehab learning to walk again. Then, his cancer returned. “At times it’s hard to stay optimistic, but I know the Lord has got a reason for me to be here. I think it’s to educate people on the importance of screenings.” Kerry nearly waited too long to get screened, and that’s a mistake he doesn’t want others to make. “Being the typical man, I’m not one to go to the doctor unless I get sick, and I never got sick. Once I started having problems, I just ignored it. It just kept getting worse,” he said. Kerry is back on a chemotherapy regimen and battling his cancer with strength and determination. He still works with his hands, too. In retirement, he taught himself the art of leatherwork. He spends his free time now making belts, holsters, keychains and journal covers. “I draw everything out and cut it out by hand and sew it by hand. It is labor intensive. It takes about 8 hours to sew one. Not many people do it all by hand like that,” he said. Kerry is proud of his leatherwork, but he’s more proud of his work to spread a lifesaving message. “If I can tell you my story and express the importance of getting checked and it saves your life, then I’ve done my job.” Please make plans to join The Martin News at this year’s event on Tuesday.
Source: Phoebe Worth Medical Center

First Time For Everything…And Last!

So I have never been to Wal-mart for Black Friday specials. First let me say that Sylvester Wal-mart had it going on! They had things in order, police officers watching over the store and keeping things safe and there was no fighting and arguing that I saw. So I went up there on Thursday afternoon to get one of their Iphone 6 that was on sale for $129. Great price I thought so I went. Lord have mercy at the people! I have never seen so many people in my life. The parking lot was over full, there was people parking across the road, on the side of the road, blocking the entrances, everything! So I went in there and truly had no clue where to go. When I finally got directed to the right line, I got in line. I was number 43. They only had so many tickets they were giving out because they only had so many phones. When I got my ticket, I went and checked out and was gone. Too many people for me! 🙂

Get Your Healthcare Questions Answered

Got questions about ACA and Medicaid? Ted Hall is a Federally Certified ACA (Affordable Care Act) Navigator who will answer your healthcare questions, look at options for you and your family and provide a chance to enroll in the program that is best suited for your situation. If you or someone you know could use assistance with healthcare information, send them to the Davis Room of the Margaret Jones Public Library on December 2nd from 9am-1pm. The library is located at 205 East Pope Street. No question is too big or too small so feel free to come and get the help you need.

Looking Beautiful and Young, Stacy Tells Us How To Do It

I love to wear makeup and I love all the colors. I am definitely no expert but I believe I have found a sweet friend and old classmate of mine, Stacy Nether, which is pretty close to being an expert with makeup. It does not even matter the color she wears. I have seen her in so many different colors and they all look flawless. I was able to get a few minutes of her time recently to get the inside scoop of her looking so fabulous and young! Most women, not all but most wear makeup. It’s something that little girls want to do. Why? Because they watch their mothers do it and they want to do it too. That is exactly what happened with Stacy. Her mother always kept magazines with glossy pictures of beautiful women from Essence, Ebony, Jet, Glamour and Vogue.  “My mother wore makeup” exclaimed Stacy “although not nearly as much as I do.” Stacy began playing in makeup at the age of nine.  She told me that she illegally wore makeup in her parents’ home by 16. We both laughed but I know exactly where she is coming from. When we were growing up, our parents did not allow us to wear much makeup if any so we all had to wear it illegally. She continues as an adult to wear makeup.  She became more interested in makeup as more than just a hobby about a year and a half ago when she saw how much of an influence it had become by the advance of social media.  “I’ve loved recreating looks that I see in magazines and television” stated Stacy. Of course while talking with Stacy, I had many questions. When you see someone look so young and spunky, you tend to want to follow that trend. So I asked Stacy what brands of makeup do you use, how long does it take you to get all your make up on and how long does your makeup stay on and do you reapply often? Now of course we had some laughs. She reminded me she was a single mom and on a teachers’ salary so shopping didn’t happen often. Oh how well we all know that feeling. When splurging on herself though she does like to visit Ulta and Sephora. Some of her favorites are Mac and L.A. Girls proconcealer and Black Radience BB Crème and Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation. For her brows she says Benefit’s Browzings are a must.  She loves Bobbi Bown, Urban Decay and Tooface as well. And for eye shadows, which everyone loves to see including myself, are from everywhere under the sun she explained. “As long as the color is highly pigmented and shows up nicely on my skin, which is sometimes hard because I have gold or orange undertones and sometimes the color may disappear” explained Stacy “this is why I wear eye shadow primer because it makes the colors pop and the shadow stays much longer.” I saw pictures of all of her makeup and colors and she has bunches to choose from. She enjoys using Beauty Supply Brands such as Ruby Kisses and Nicka K.  These are brands that hold up to the larger name brands!  Of course to get the look that Stacy wears does take some time. She explained to me that in order for her to create her full face look, it takes her anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  The regular daily face takes 30-45 minutes. Her makeup lasts all day. Don’t we all wish we had that kind of luck? “With the use of some really great inexpensive primers and setting sprays” stated Stacy “The only thing I may have to reapply would be lipstick or lip-gloss.” Now one aspect of makeup that I have questions about is whether you should wear different colors during the day vs. night, or summer vs. winter? Stacy explained that for her it mostly depends on how she’s dressed. If it’s a tee and jeans look then its brows always and mascara and lippie but if she wants a more dramatic look, then here comes everything she says. Right now she’s working more with fall and winter colors.  But Stacy exclaims life is too short so she says try it all and then add some glitter! I love glitter so adding glitter sounds great. I wanted to know what the trick was to looking so young since we are the same age. “Young looking, thanks so much” expressed Stacy “If only I could only tell you a secret. I have been through more than you can imagine!  I would have to say it’s God who has kept me all these years!  I eat like a twelve year old…I do try to eat better especially when I know I’ve “been bad.”  I had cystic acne when I was younger.  I used to be so self-conscious about my skin.  I saw a dermatologist as a late teen early adult and now my skin care regime is so simple now after trying everything under the sun: Aveeno, pure sumn, weekly St. Ives apricot scrub which I have used for years and coconut oil and or Shea butter which is all natural. Stacy has a ton of makeup of all kinds. She likes checking out the dollar stores as well and with it being the Christmas season, she says there is makeup and brushes EVERYWHERE!!! It makes her extremely happy!” If you have a special occasion coming up, Stacy is the lady to call. She does make up for weddings, proms, homecoming, and for a night on the town or just any occasion.  Stacy thinks you can doll up at anytime!  “There’s no better reason to do your makeup other than to create a better version of you” exclaimed Stacy!

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27th ~ Hungry at Home Food Drive with WCPS
27th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
28th ~ Hungry at Home Food Drive with WCPS
28th ~ Books & Bubbles t The Margaret Jones Public Library
28th ~ Sylvester – Worth County Family Connections Meeting
28th ~ Lights of Love Tree Lighting 2017
29th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
29th ~ Hungry at Home Food Drive with WCPS
30th ~ Hungry at Home Food Drive with WCPS
30th ~ WCMS Basketball Games


2nd ~ Tifton Christmas Parade and Festivities
2nd ~ Worth County Rams Touchdown Pageant
2nd ~ Sumner’s Christmas Festival
4th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
5th ~ Books & Bubbles t The Margaret Jones Public Library
6th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
7th ~ Sylvester Christmas Parade
7th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
9th ~ Poulan Christmas Parade
11th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
12th ~ Books & Bubbles t The Margaret Jones Public Library
13th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
14th ~ WCMS Basketball Games
18th ~ City of Sylvester Council Meeting
19th ~ City of Warwick Council Meeting
19th ~ Books & Bubbles t The Margaret Jones Public Library
20th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester
25th ~ Merry Christmas from The Martin News
26th ~ Sylvester – Worth County Family Connections Meeting
27th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting in Sylvester

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Nomination Meeting to be Held

Nomination meetings to fill two positions on the Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC) Board of Directors will be held during simultaneous meetings on Dec. 14 at 10 a.m. in Swainsboro and in Colquitt. The Georgia Farm Bureau Federation will conduct the meetings to fill terms, which expire Dec. 31, in the GPC Commission’s Districts One and Three. The GPC District One nomination meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at the Miller County Farm Bureau Office at 314 East Bremond Street in Colquitt. Tim Burch of Baker County is the incumbent in this district. Counties in District One include: Baker, Calhoun, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell and Seminole. The District Three nomination meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at the Emanuel County Farm Bureau office at 320 Lambs Bridge Road in Swainsboro. Joe Boddiford of Screven County is the incumbent in this district. Counties in District Three include: Appling, Bacon, Bryan, Bulloch, Burke, Candler, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Glascock, Jeff Davis, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Montgomery, Pierce, Richmond, Screven, Tattnall, Toombs, Treutlen, Washington and Wayne. “Georgia Farm Bureau encourages peanut farmers in the Georgia Peanut Commission’s First and Third districts to attend their district meetings and participate in making nominations for these commission positions,” Georgia Farm Bureau President Gerald Long said. “The peanut commission plays an important role in promoting Georgia peanuts, crop research and education and needs grower input to effectively represent them.” The Georgia peanut production area is divided into five districts based on acreage distribution and geographical location with one board member representing each district. Each nominee must produce peanuts and live within the district for which he is nominated. Any producer living in the district may be nominated or make nominations at the meeting. Incumbents are eligible for renomination. If more than one person is nominated, an election will be conducted by mail ballot. Commission by-laws state that a person must receive a majority of the votes cast for a position in order to be elected to the commission board. If only one person qualifies for the position, no election is required, and the nominated person automatically becomes a member of the commission board. Commission members serve terms of three years. If multiple people are nominated for a GPC seat, then the current director will continue to serve until the election is completed. Founded in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization. The organization has 158 county offices, and its volunteer members actively participate in activities that promote agriculture awareness to their non-farming neighbors.