Helping Children Face their Fears

Have you ever thought about a fear that your child has but did not know how to handle it? In the Home & School Connection there was an interesting article about this and I want to share it with you. It makes perfect sense. The question was how a parent could help their son who is afraid of storms to feel more secure. I am sure that someone has a child that is afraid of storms. I am more than my child, does that count? Fears are actually normal at the age of primary and elementary age children but there are ways you can help. Home and School Connection suggested that this particular family could stop by their local library or school library and check out books on storms. If their child understood storms, he may not be as afraid. Teaching their child simple rules such as stay away from trees, don’t use a corded phone or take a bath during the storm. Another great piece of advice was keep their son occupied during the storm. They suggest for them to look out a closed window, and count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder. He can divide by five to find out how far away the storm is (if they count to 10, the e storm is two miles away). Another idea is to turn your child into an artist and let them paint or draw their fear out. Keep them in a folder and before long they will be looking for every opportunity to draw about the fear. Then the fear has become a liking instead of a fear.