Blending in with our Children’s School Schedule

Here we are welcoming in October. This year seems to be flying by. Our children have been in school a full two months now. Are they still excited about being back in school? With the crisp fall air, new friends and now used sharpened pencils, is your child still talking about how great it is to be back in school or has the pressure of the new school year sank in? Even though school is tough, the teachers want it to be fun too. Add to their excitement and motivate them to learn with these four great back to school ideas from the Home & School Connection. I find the ideas shared in this publication to be great and I hope you do as well. One great back to school idea is find out what your child is learning this year. Some examples would be cursive writing, state history or even the solar system. Then you as a parent can get a head start. Leave a note on their bedroom door in cursive. Visit a battlefield or history museum. Read a book about the planets, or gaze at the night sky together. This connects you to what your child is learning in school and may even help them to learn more. A second great back to school idea would be to share your own report card or photo from the grade your child is starting. Tell them what you like most about that year. Let them ask you questions about when you were in school. It is so much fun to bring back good ole memories. Another great idea would be to attend a play at your local theater or a nature program at the community center. You’ll get your child back in the habit of sitting still and paying attention. Playing school at home is good practice too. The “teacher” can read aloud to the “student”, write out math problems and even give a spelling test. And last but definitely not least, check out the school website and see what activities your school may offer. If your child likes to sing, they may be able to join the chorus. A child with good leadership skills might want to run for the student council, while a sports lover may want to join a team. Some of the groups have already started but always make sure to look at the schools website to see the event listings.