Worth ROCKS! was created after a few moms followed several FB post about kids looking for rocks in some of our local communities and they decided to successfully start this group. They realized they could easily do this in our hometown of Sylvester, GA and have fun with it for adults and kids. Rock hunting has exploded in many local communities! All you have to do is find some rocks and some painting supplies and get creative! This is surprisingly fun for ALL ages young and older. Need inspiration? Search “rock painting” on Pinterest or Google Images to find lots of rock painting ideas. Artwork that is PG rated is appreciated as kids love to look for and find the hidden rocks. On the back of your artwork write @WORTHROCKS or Post to the Worth Rocks FB. You can also put the year, your initials etc. (Totally up to you if you want to put your initials) Once you’re done painting your rock, its recommended to seal it before hiding it to protect your art from the elements. We would love for you to post pictures of your painted rocks before you hide them, or when you find them. If you find a painted rock from our group you can either keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find. If you decide to keep a rock, you are encouraged to hide a new rock somewhere in its place. The goal is to get lots of people all across our communities painting so that there are lots of rocks to be found out there. You might find yourself rediscovering parts of our community you haven’t appreciated in a while. We even encourage you to take your rocks with you on vacation! It will be interesting to see how far the rocks travel! There are so many different organizations in town, and I can imagine each group hiding rock(s) for others to find. Feel free to include your painted logo on a rock. Get out and ENJOY yourself! Add any of your friends to the FB group who would be interested in doing this and share the link to this group on your personal FB page. A few tips: Please be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property (i.e. Don’t hide in the grass where it can damage a lawn mower or hurt someone). Don’t steal rocks from private property or from someone’s landscaping. Don’t trespass. Ask business owners before you put any rocks in or around their business. Please always get permission! NEVER walk into a business and hide a rock! This group is going to get VERY ACTIVE, so, you may want to modify notifications in your settings if you don’t want to be constantly notified of all new posts. Get together in groups for painting parties to make this even more fun! Girl Scout activity? Birthday party activity? BBQ? Child care activity? Adults and a bottle of wine activity?!! And post your activity! Make it as fun and as memorable painting them, as it will be finding them! Painted rocks reflect the opinions, attitudes, and creative expression of the individual artists, and not those of the page admin. We cannot be held responsible for you being offended. Please invite as many of your FB friends to the group as you can. Share it on your page and ask others to share it as well. Post a link to the group to any interested community groups in the area (mommy groups, art groups, city news or activity groups, etc). Painting Rocks Tips: A few helpful tips for those of you who want to join in on the fun, and paint and hide your own rock creations! Use regular acrylic paints, Wal-mart paints are cheap and work well! We also have Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Use paint markers for finer detail. Use UV resistant clear sealer, can be found by the spray paint aisle at Walmart! Mod podge works as well ( outdoor use) Make sure paint is dry before sealing, if using sharpies or ink , sometimes they will run, when sealed! Feel free to join the #Tiftonrocks #Warnerrobinsrocks or any of the other Facebook pages, you may find, to get some fabulous ideas. Hope this helps, and feel free to add any tips you might have to the page!