Helping Out A Friend Helped Out My Tummy

So recently a friend of mine, Patrice Toomer Bennett whom owns Creative Creations and Party Innovations was asking for help to build up her likes on her facebook page. I know exactly where she is coming from so I wanted to help. I honestly did not realize that she was giving away goodies to the one friend that referred the most people that liked her page. Well I won!! And boy did I win!! There was dipped strawberries, dipped cookies, candied apples, pretzel sticks and dipped pretzels. I am telling you that I was in Food Heaven. There was anything in that box that wasn’t good. Go on to facebook and like her page and then check out all the party planning and food making that she does. Prices are very reasonable and she is a Worth County girl so let’s support her. Once from here, always from here! Thank you again Patrice for my goodies…they were DELICIOUS!